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See what Yvonne Nelson’s daughter did after seeing her on TV

Adorable! See what Yvonne Nelson’s daughter did after seeing her on TV Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson has shared a video of her daughter, Ryn Roberts’ reaction to seeing her on TV on Wednesday morning during an interview. She said her daughter was still asleep when she left the house, and when she eventually woke up at about the time she was being interviewed live on TV, she wanted to ‘jump’ and ‘climb’ into the screen to meet her. See the screengrabs from the video below:

Yvonne Nelson calls John Dumelo a fool because of his Instagram post

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has called her colleague, John Dumelo, a ‘fool’ following a post the actor shared on social media. Dumelo on Friday took to his Instagram to share a meme which is fast going viral on the internet. Written on the meme was the inscription: “I miss the married women in the Bible who used to give their maids to their husbands as side-chicks. The current ones don’t read their Bibles. Only jealousy and selfishness nkoaa.” Accompanied with a shy emoji and the hashtag “last days of 2018” as caption, it is obvious that Dumelo meant it as a joke. However, Yvonne Nelson who is known to be a good friend of Dumelo did not see it as such. Even if she saw it as a joke, she definitely did find it amusing. And she did not mince words as she came to com...

Yvonne Nelson shares beautiful pictures from her daughter’s birthday party

CELEBRITY GIST: On Monday, 29th October, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson’s daughter, Ryn Roberts turned one and her parents never failed to celebrate her as they held a birthday party for her. The Ghanaian actress and her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, a photographer threw her a birthday party in Ghana. Here are lovely photos from the special day:

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson celebrates her daughter’s 1st birthday

CELEBRITY GIST: The first time for any good thing is such a precious moment that one wishes to keep forever. For Yvonne Nelson, being a first-time mom is just that super amazing thing she just can’t get over. A year ago today, her baby girl, Ryn Roberts finally met her after she had started contractions a day before. For Ryn’s first birthday bash, Yvonne Nelson chose to celebrate it with close family and friends. And if your mother is Yvonne Nelson, then it means that A-List stars fall within that category of ‘close family and friends’. With mother and daughter in a joyous mood and matching in pink and white tutus, then joined by baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, they welcomed celebs such as John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro, Trigmatic, Prince David Osei, Sammy Forson, Coded 4X4 among others to party wit...

Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson gets involved in Delta flight accident in New York

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson takes to her instagram to thank God as she escapes death after Delta flight gets involved in an accident in New York. It took the aviation’s ambulance team to douse the flames that ignited from heated brakes attached to the landing gears of the Delta flight 420 at JFK airport. All 2005 passengers were evacuated from the plane that was headed for Ghana. The mother of one shared the news of the incidence through her Instagram post with the caption: “My flight! So this happened to us! My flight! So this happened to us! Thank you Jesus🙏🏽 #Deltapleasesitup #delta.” Thank God for saving Yvonne Nelson and others from untimely death.

Being a mom, I can no longer kiss in movies – Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson.

CELEBRITY GIST: Pretty Ghanaian actress and mother Yvonne Nelson has graced the big screen for some couple of years now and to a large extent, she has played a huge part in giving the Ghanaian movie industry a face. The actress had some months welcomed a baby girl with her lover and this got many of her fans talking but choosing that part of life, she sure knows what she wants. Even though eyes are on the lookout about her private life, the actress is all ready to control how she works so it does that have to affect both her family and her daughter. Speaking with one of Ghana’s popular TV station, Joynewsontv, the actress, started that being a mother now, it will be very difficult for her to kiss in movies. In her words: “Now I have a baby and I’m all she has pretty much, you can’t g...

If you are not ready for marriage, don’t go into it – Yvonne Nelson

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson has come out to say why she is in no rush to tie the knot with her British photographer baby daddy, Jamie Roberts. In an interview with Joy FM, the actress spoke on how people focus more on their wedding which is why such unions usually pack up in no time. According to her, one shouldn’t embark on a wedding if one is not prepared for marriage: “People marry and six months it’s over. I don’t wanna mention names. So all the wedding everything is gone? The cake, limousine, and all done? They can walk away just like that? No marriage has to be like that. If you are not ready, don’t do it.” When asked if she wants a white wedding in her life, Yvonne answered in the affirmative, she replied: “If it happens, fine. The timing has to ...

Yvonne Nelson’s acting audition ongoing in Accra, Ghana

Yvonne Nelson’s acting audition ongoing in Accra, Ghana On Saturday the 23rd of June 2018, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson production company, YN Production will be carrying out an audition. The free audition is scheduled to hold at Tomreik Hotel in Accra Ghana this coming Saturday will start at 12 noon. All participants are required to bring an A4 Size head-shot to the event. See the flyer below for more information:

I don’t date men because of money. I work hard for my money – Yvonne Nelson

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghanaian actress and mother of one, Yvonne Nelson has revealed in an interview with Joy FM that the reason why she works hard is for her not to depend on any man for her upkeep. Recall in April, a viral video showing curvy actress Moesha Boduong speaking in an interview with CNN’s Amanpour sparked a huge controversy in Ghana and Africa at large. In the video, Moesha Boduong spoke of Ghanaian women depend on men for their survival and that she is sleeping with her current man because he can afford to pay her bills. However, Yvonne Nelson has shown that she is quite different from such women. When asked if she will prefer a richer man over Jamie, she said: “If it were a wealthy or richer man, it’s easy for some of us but it’s not about that. Why do I have to work hard? ...

You don’t feed me, so mind your business – Yvonne Nelson blast critics

CELEBRITY GIST: Beautiful Actress and single mother of one Yvonne Nelson has come out to say that people should stop saying what they want about her because they don’t feed her. There were reports that her baby daddy broke up with her because she wanted a big wedding whiles Jamie Roberts wanted a small and simple wedding. Those rumours started spreading after it was observed that they had deleted pictures of themselves on their various Instagram accounts. Yvonne Nelson, who was on Joy FM reacting to that said that she has her personal life and so no one can dictate to her what she should do with her life. These were her words: “You are there saying what you want about my life. It’s my life, you don’t feed me, can you mind your own business? So role models cannot get babies out of wed...

Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy split, unfollow each other as he deletes all photos of the actress

Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy split, unfollow each other as he deletes all photos of the actress Some months after giving birth, Yvonne Nelson’s much publicized relationship with her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts seems to have come to an end, according to reports coming from Ghana.  Yvonne Nelson and her baby dad Jamie Robert The pair, who used to flaunt their love on Instagram, have unfollowed each other. Plus Jamie has deleted every single photo of his actress baby mama on his Instagram account.  Yvonne Nelson and baby Dad Dude has also posted an adorable photo of his two children with his ex, Keela Harrison — perhaps to make Yvonne jealous lol. It’s pretty sad because they looked super adorable together. What’s your thought on this one folks?

“I wish I could have another baby now but…” – Yvonne Nelson

“I wish I could have another baby now but…” – Yvonne Nelson Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson gave birth out of wedlock and became topical because, according to critics, it is not Ghanaian to make babies out of wedlock. But in a chat with Swag of Africa, the actress has indicated that she wishes she could have another baby but she is waiting for some time in order to produce her second baby. She indicated that while pregnant, her life came to a standstill because she could not do anything; something that affected her adversely. She was however, grateful that her daughter has grown in to a “big girl”.

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