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“I am single,” IK Ogbonna’s wife says

“I am single,” IK Ogbonna’s wife says IK Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia Morales who replied a question from a follower revealed that she is single and only in a relationship with herself. IK Ogbonna’s wife who revealed that she is single, further stated that being in a relationship with just herself is the best she has ever had. This is coming days after the actor stated that he is not divorced. In an interview with HipTV, he disclosed that his wife is back in Europe which is where his son is now schooling. According to the actor, his wife has also got his business and many other project she is on. According to him, they are taking things one step at a time and hopefully everything will work out. However read the new exchange below by the actress and a fan:

Actor IK Ogbonna drags nosy troll who thinks he has separated with wife, Sonia

Actor IK Ogbonna drags nosy troll who thinks he has separated with wife, Sonia Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna dragged a nosy troll on Instagram who thinks his marriage might have crashed. It all started when IK Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia, took to her Instagram page, to post a cute photo of their son and herself. She went on to caption the photo with a quote: Welcome to the good life baby #WhenYoMamaIsYourG #NewDayNewAdventure #Mediterranean #boatCruising. A nosy follower then took to her comment section where he perceived that there might be cracks in their marriage. Oh…guess you and his dad are no longer together and the kid is gonna go stay with u?” he wrote. As usual, IK Ogbonna came to his wife’s rescue and he didn’t have nice words to say to the intruding follower. @lexo_bronxy Are you guessin...

IK Ogbonna blast a follower who called his wife a prostitute

CELEBRITY GIST: Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna has clapped back on a follower who referred to his wife Sonia as a prostitute.

“I had toasters till my labor day” – Sonia, IK Ogbonna’s wife

“I had toasters till my labor day” – Sonia, IK Ogbonna’s wife Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia Ogbonna, has recounted how she adapted coming back to Africa when she was two months pregnant with their son, Ace. According to her, she was sexy up till her labour day and had toasters till then. She wrote: Dont let them fool you: you can’t be completely prepared for something you have never experienced before. Its normal to panic,get confused and scared. I was too mannnh! Then coming back to Africa with a 2 month old baby, a whole different world,different ways (thats when I really felt differences in culture as well),no family,no friends on my own..Not to mention we literally didn’t have poo. Loool I get stories to share ! For real! When I look back...

Actor IK Ogbonna shares cute pictures of wife; calls her “ashewo,” “cow”

At a time men were celebrating the emergence of the sex dolls, Nollywood actor, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, popularly known as Ik Ogbonna, shared heart warming pictures of his loving wife, Sonia Ogbonna, to celebrate her birthday.

I will migrate to Namibia where I can walk naked and free – Ik Ogbonna’s wife

Celebrity Gist: Sonia Morales Ogbonna, the Colombian wife of Nollywood Actor Ik Ogbonna has expressed her feelings about those who hate her manner of dressing and stated she would relocate to Namibia where she would be free and dress naked.

IK Ogbonna’s Colombian Wife Shares Honest Relationship Advice (video)

Sonia Ogbonna, the pretty Colombian wife of handsome Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna, is known for giving really good relationship advice on social media. Sonia have come out to clear the misconceptions surrounding 'ideal relationships'.

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