Paul Obazele

Nollywood is dominated by Lesbians and Gay Producers – Paul Obazele

NOLLYWOOD NEWS: Nollywood actor Paul Obazele, in a chat with Saturday Beats spoke on how the movie industry is now dominated by lesbians and gay producers. The one time President of Association of Movie Producers also spoke of how he did his best to fight against them while he was president of the body. These were his words: “I would not lie, we have gay producers and lesbians in the Nigerian entertainment industry and they are the people in control. Why are we hiding it? When I was president of the Association of Movie Producers, I was against them. Why are we pretending that it does not happen? The same way it happens in Nollywood is the same way it happens in the medical field and other fields. The truth be told, it happens across the board. If you mention the names of some producers, I...

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