Majid Michel

When you stand for righteousness, you will be insulted and persecuted – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghanaian Star Actor turned Evangelist Majid Michel, has been receiving lots of messages concerning his new found faith in God as he has opened up on suffering for following Christ.

Most Pastors are money grabbers who compete against one another – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Popular Actor Majid Michel who is now an Evangelist is determined to help many through his inspirational messages as he revealed how many pastors make money from their members.

Popular Actor Majid Michel turns a minister of God

CELEBRITY GIST: As some of our movie stars are venturing into politics, others are becoming ministers of God. Many would be surprise to know that star actor Majid Michel is now a minister of the gospel. What are your thoughts on this? Pls, read on...

Majid Michel now believes in the existence of God?

Celebrity Gist: It's not a surprise that many people still doubt the existence of God because of his invisibility and some other reasons. In that view, Talented Star Actor Majid Michel, who is famous for his acting skills, shared an inspiring message about the existence of God.

Ladies don’t admire me, they admire the characters I play – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Talented Star Actor - Majid Michel is one of the popular actors who is associated with many ladies because of his acting prowess.

Love and Sex does not sustain a marriage – Majid Michel

Celebrity Gist: As many couples are increasingly getting married, so is the rate of divorce and separation also increasing. In that light, Popular Star Actor Majid Michel who celebrated his 10 years wedding anniversary in August 2015, shared his opinion about a successful marriage.

Majid Michel says he’s not a Ghanaian actor but an actor from Ghana

Celebrity Gist: Popular Movie Actor, Majid Michel who is commonly known as a Ghanaian actor has disclosed that he doesn't want to be regarded as a Ghanaian actor but an actor from Ghana.

My wife is the secret of my success – Majid Michel

Nollywood Celebrity Gist — Famous Ghanaian Actor - Majid Michel who recently renewed his marriage vows with his wife of ten years has opened up to Encomium Magazine about the source of his success. 

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