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Majid Michel finally reacts to throat cancer surgery reports

Majid Michel finally reacts to throat cancer surgery reports Celebrated actor Majid Michel has finally reacted to reports that suggested that he travelled abroad t undergo throat surgery. The multiple award-winning actor was reported to have flown out of Ghana to undergo throat surgery. The versatile actor was seen lying down at a place believed to be a hospital. It could be recalled that somewhere last year Majid revealed in an interview on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” show that he’s been battling throat sickness that aggravated his vocal cords. Well, in a Facebook live video we spotted online, Majid Michel stated that he rather went to Israel, Jerusalem. I was in Jerusalem, the holy land, the land of milk and honey. When I went to Israel and was reading the Bible,I was in the locati...

Majid Michel in throat cancer scare!

Majid Michel in throat cancer scare; actor travels to New York for emergency screening Cross over actor Majid Michel has travelled out of Ghana to cater to his health, according to NG. An unconfirmed report that surfaced on the social media 2 days ago indicated that the actor is worried about the condition of his number one source of income, his voice. His health concern started last year when he complained about losing his voice during an interview. The actor turned Pastor reportedly travelled to New York to ensure that the prolonged crack in his voice is nothing serious. A prolonged crack in voice which is usually caused by the inflammation of the larynx is one of the top signs of Laryngeal cancer, this explains why the actor raised a concern last year.. His social media page was last up...

“Stop trying to overcome the lusts of the flesh” – Majid Michel says in motivational message

Stop trying to overcome the lusts of the flesh – Majid Michel says in motivational message Read Ghanaian actor cum preacher, Majid Michel’s midweek motivational message about overcoming the lust of the flesh. So you are just coming to know Jesus for a couple of months and the the devil looks at you and says: So you are born again right? You say yes. i just gave my heart to the Lord. He says: so what are you doing for Jesus? You say well nothing. He says Get up and go do something for the Lord. You say hey that’s right i’ve been a Christian and i haven’t done anything for the Lord, i haven’t shown the Lord how much i Love Him. Evangelist Majid Michel So you go out to do something for Jesus then all of a sudden BAAM!! You fall for a temptation. Flat on your face! Devil says hey! What a...

Repentance is not when you cry. Repentance is when you change – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghallywood actor turned Evangelist Majid Michel has come out to share a word with his fans on true repentance.

Actor Majid Michel & wife Virna meet Yvonne Nelson baby girl Ryn Roberts

Actor Majid Michel & wife Virna meet Yvonne Nelson baby girl Ryn Roberts Check out the special moment, Ghanaian-Lebanese actor Majid Michel and his beautiful wife Virna met Yvonne Nelson’s baby girl, Ryn Roberts in Accra Ghana.   The couple who paid Yvonne Nelson a visit last week Monday were seen having their first encounter with the mixed race girl. While Virna held Ryn Roberts smiling, Majid looked on and covered his mouth with his right hand, suggesting that he was amazed at the sight of the baby. The baby girl was born on the 29th of October 2017 in Accra Ghana. Her mother was heavily criticised for choosing to have her out of wedlock. Looking at the above photo, the expression on Majid’s face is understandable as it looks like the little girl is growing very fast. Or what el...

“I Have a crush on Majid Michel” – Actress Etinosa Idemudia

“I have a crush on Majid Michel” – Actress Etinosa Idemudia One of the fast rising actresses that will possibly have a break this year is Etinosa Idemudia. With her movies such as Mentally, Ajuwaya, Stormy Hearts, and Blind Spot to mention a few, the sky is the limit for the thespian. In this chat, the Edo State-born actress, who dumped engineering for the film industry, talks about her journey into Nollywood and how she’s waiting for the right man. Tell us about yourself My name is Etinosa Idemudia. I am a Nollywood actor and I am also an online comedian, a comedy content provider, I make skits. I am a graduate of Computer Engineering from Covenant University. After my first degree, I did a diploma course in acting at Royal Arts Academy and I started my Nollywood journey in 20...

Majid Michel On Why He Won’t Be Kissing In Movies Anymore

CELEBRITY GIST — Ghanaian actor turned Evangelist, Majid Michel has opened up on why he will no longer accept kissing roles in movies as that may affect his new assignment as a Pastor. 

Sex before marriage is bad, youths should not indulge in it – Evangelist Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Renowned Ghanaian Actor turned Evangelist Majid Michel has admitted he is still into acting but his moral values have changed and he's more focused on winning souls for Christ.

Am not seeking to please anyone, am a true servant of Christ – Majid Michel tells critics

CELEBRITY GIST: Becoming a true servant of God usually comes with lots of challenges as Ghanaian Actor turned Evangelist Majid Michel has responded to critics who says he became a servant of God in order to become popular.

Don’t just read and quote the word of God, live it! – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Renowned Ghanaian Actor cum Evangelist Majid Michel has obviously gone deeper into his Ministry as he continues to preach the word of God by inspiring his fans.

Since I became closer to God, I had limited friends – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Star Ghallywood Actor and Minister of God Majid Michel has disclosed that his number of friends has reduced since be became a Minister of God to able enable him serve God better.

When you stand for righteousness, you will be insulted and persecuted – Majid Michel

CELEBRITY GIST: Ghanaian Star Actor turned Evangelist Majid Michel, has been receiving lots of messages concerning his new found faith in God as he has opened up on suffering for following Christ.

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