Nollywood producer Kunle Afolayan’s 4 children in a picture

Nollywood producer Kunle Afolayan’s 4 children in a picture Filmmaker and producer, Kunle Afolayan took to his social media space recently to share an adorable photo of his 4 kids, who are now all grown. Born in 1974, Kunle Afolayan is of Igbomina- Yoruba descent, from Kwara State. He is the son of the famous theater and film director and producer Ade Love. He majored in economics and started out working in a bank while doing some casual acting, before deciding to move into full-time filmmaking and taking a course at the New York Film Academy. Since 2005 he has been active in the Nigerian film industry. He has made several extremely popular titles including: The Figurine: Araromire which was in the Yoruba and English languages and Phone Swap which featured Wale Ojo, Joke Silva, Nse I...

Kunle Afolayan celebrates his mother on her birthday

Kunle Afolayan celebrates his mother on her birthday Popular Nigerian filmmaker and director, Kunle Afolayan,  celebrates his mum on her birthday. Taking to Instagram, the Mokalik producer wrote; Maami is a year older today. Thank you for being true mother in the sense of it. Ojo yin ti d’ale. Happy birthday #mother #maami #mama #grandma Happy birthday to the actor’s mum!

No Actress Dares To Offer Me Sex For Movie Role – Nollywood Flimmaker, Kunle Afolayan

Popular Nollywood actor, Kunle Afolayan seems to have maintained his stance on his statement of being one of the most valuable movie producers in Africa. In a new interview with Ademola Olonilua, the actor disclosed that no actress dares offer him sex for role because most of them consider him so proud, they seem to be skeptical in approaching him in that respect. According to him, “Personally I have never encountered a situation whereby an actress would offer me sex for a movie role. They would not even dare come to me. They say that I am proud. “The social media may have some advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages. It is only in the past that people would say that a director asked an actress for sex in exchange for a movie role. These days, some actresses would reach out to t...

Nollywood Icon, Kunle Afolayan Reveals How A Driver Threatened To Shoot Him At Lekki For Driving An Old Car

Ace filmmaker Kunle Afolayan has revealed how much attention his vintage car is getting from the public. Here is what the actor told a reporter on set of his new movie. “Most times, people don’t care who is in the car. From afar, you can see them staring. Then, when they now see that it is me, they now like to say hello and all of that. But the first thing is that they are surprised that such cars can still be in existence. And it’s good, you know, because it sets you aside and it gives you some sorts of fulfillment for the fact that all eyes are on you, not that you’re driving Ferrari but you’re driving something that’s like 60 years old, even older than you“A few times, people have stopped me and said; please, can we take pictures with you, can we take pictures with the car, can I see in...

See video of Kunle Afolayan teaching his son how to pound yam

See video of Kunle Afolayan teaching his son how to pound yam Few days ago, Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Kunle Afolayan revealed he sent up his son to the mechanic workshop to go learn how to fix cars. And now, the Nollywood icon has revealed that he cant thank his mother enough for teaching him to be useful in the kitchen where he learnt how to pound yam and he has decided to pass on the culinary skill to his son. He shared a video of himself passing on the skill of pounding yam to his son and wrote: I can only thank Maami for teaching me to be useful in the kitchen. Am passing it on. Iyan ati efo riro loading”

Nollywood actor Kunle Afolayan sends son to mechanic workshop to learn how to fix cars

Nollywood actor Kunle Afolayan sends son to mechanic workshop to learn how to fix cars Popular Nollywood actor Kunle Afolayan has done what many parents in Nigeria today will never allow their children to do. The actor cum producer left many speechless when he rejected he sent his son, Darimisire, to go learn how to fix cars in a mechanic workshop and the young man is happy with his new job. Afolayan believes that his son can gain more at an early stage than just academics alone. Not many parents will key into this idea but Kunle has the money to establish his son when he is old but that is not how to lay a good foundation for a child as teaching him how to fish is the best way to start. In a video he shared on the social media recently, the actor wrote: Keep them busy so they can be usefu...

Nollywood Skit: Highlights On President Macron’s Visit to Afrika Shrine.

The visit of President Emmanuel Macron of France to the Afrika Shrine on Tuesday was loaded with memories of cultural interactions with the different segments of the Nigeria creative industry. 

Actor Kunle Afolayan: My brother, Aremu is stupid for saying our father was poor

Actor Kunle Afolayan: My brother, Aremu is stupid for saying our father was poor According to Nollywood actor, Kunle Afolayan, his brother, Aremu Afolayan “is stupid” for saying their dad was very poor. During an Interview with Sunday Scoop, one of the Afolayan brothers, Kunle mentioned that it is wrong for anyone to have said his father was very poor. Speaking vehemently during the interview, he mentioned that a father who could provide all his children the required education in all levels, and provide his children the opportunity to enjoy some luxuries is not poor. He noted that though his father was a busy man, frequently working on projects, he was sure to make his kids happy and comfortable. The Film producer said: Do you know Ade Love? Was Ade Love a poor man? That is his...

Happy birthday to KUNLE AFOLAYAN (born September 30th)

Happy birthday to award-winning Filmmaker and Actor KUNLE AFOLAYAN, as he clocks 41 today (September 30th). Kunle has made several popular movies including: The Figurine, Phone Swap and October 1.

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