Pete Edochie and wife relax with their son Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and politician, Yul Edochie was spotted relaxing with parents, the Legendary actor himself, Pete Edochie and wife after shooting a video. The actor while sharing the post on Facebook, said that it’s been a while he visited his parents, so he decided to do that, before leaving town. His post reads: “Just wrapped up the movie FEAR. So I paid my parents a visit before leaving town. Haven’t seen them in a while.”

Getting married at 22 was one of the best decisions I ever made – Yul Edochie

CELEBRITY GIST: Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie , on Sunday, disclosed that getting married to his wife and mum of his four children, Yul Edochie, at 22 is one of the best decisions he has ever made in his life. He revealed this while speaking during a Channels TV programme, Rubbing Minds with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. On why he got married that early, Yul said: “My mum wanted me to because my dad also got married about the same age. He had his first child at 23 and I am very close to my mum and she wanted me to do that. She felt like if I did that, it would help me concentrate more because right now I have a lot of female fans and they send me messages about my voice and others and right now, I can look back and say I have to go back home.” When asked if at anytime he felt he was too early to...

Prince Odi Okojie shares adorable pictures of his family

CELEBRITY GIST: Prince Odi Okojie, husband of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Okojie has shared lovely pictures of his happy family. The proud father of 3 took to his Instagram page yesterday November 4th to share some beautiful pictures while they were going to the church. Here’s what he captioned it: “It is a Beautiful Day, Hence “Start where you are, Use what you have and Do what you can”. Life is not a competition, God only gives GRACE. Happy Sunday Everyone!” Mercy Johnson Okojie’s family is one of the most admirable family in Nollywood. May God continue to bless and protect them!

I stopped acting because I needed to dedicate more time for my children – Maureen Solomon

CELEBRITY GIST: Nollywood Actress Maureen Solomon has come out to say she quitted acting in order to pay more attention to her family. The Entertainer recently visited the Lagos home of the beautiful and brainy actress where she revealed why she left the scene at the peak of her career. Below is the interview: It seems marriage has changed you. You look more beautiful, what is the secret? Thank you dear. First of all, it is God that has made me beautiful. I know and I am sure that it’s Him. Secondly, I don’t go out much. So, it’s peace of mind, nothing much and no secret really. You’re one of the actresses that people loved to watch in those days. Your fans would like to know why you have been off the screen for so long? It’s not so much silence because I want it to be so, but the fact tha...

God first, my family and then others. It works well for me that way – Mercy Johnson

NOLLYWOOD NEWS: In a new interview with Abiola Alaba Peters, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie spoke about her family, career and politics. See some of the excerpts from the interview below: How were you able to manage the home front and your duty roles as the SA to the Governor? Well, it has not been easy but I’m a home girl. There are priorities. God comes first; then family and other things follow. Definitely the family has to be settled before we talk about work. When I am not happy at home, then I can’t function properly in whatsoever capacity. God, family then others; it works well for me that way. As we are here right now, if I get a call from my children’s school about anything, I will stop this interview and run off. You seem to like your female children than the male one, an...

Van Vicker forced to sleep outside by his family after Croatia lost to France

CELEBRITY GIST: Star Actor Van Vicker decided to place a bet with his family on who would win the World Cup between France and Croatia. Unfortunately, he was wrong and had to bear the brunt of his actions. According to him the Russia 2018 world cup final match between Croatia and France led to him being kicked out by his family. The division in the family began when Van Vicker decided to support Croatia against his wife and kids’ choice to support France. This led to a bet which saw Van Vicker crash outside because he supported the losing side. His post before the game: “Goooooooooooollll!! Croatia all the way. The 3 France supporters in this picture will sleep outside in the rain tonite. #Russia2018.” After the game was over, he shared a video showing himself sleeping outside....

I do not compete with anyone, I’m always myself even on social media – Mercy Johnson

CELEBRITY GIST: Super star actress and senior Adviser to the governor of Kogi state Mercy Johnson Okojie has revealed how she copes with her family and business.

I stopped acting to dedicate more time for my children – Maureen Solomon

NOLLYWOOD NEWS: Talented Nollywood Actress Maureen Solomon who has been off the movie screen has come to say say she took a break from acting to dedicate more time for her family.

Family is everything. I cannot trade anything for it – Van Vicker

CELEBRITY GIST: Handsome Ghallywood actor Van Vicker has shared a beautiful of his family as he reveals his family means everything to him. The excited father of 3 took to his Instagram page to upload new pictures of his family and gushed about his home. Here’s what he wrote: “This photograph was taken over the weekend. In my hands, i couldn’t help but stare. Family is such a beautiful thing man. 14 years ago, my perceptive was different. I cannot trade anything. Nothing is worth it. Family is everything. Reciprocate the love, Electrify the care, Cherish the bond” – @iamvanvicker The 40-year-old actor and his wife Adjoa have been married for 14 years. They are blessed with 3 children (Jdly, Jidn and Vj). May God continue to bless, sustain and protect Van Vicke...

Nollywood Actor Junior Pope Odonwodo and his family rock matching outfit

CELEBRITY GIST: Star actor Junior Pope Odonwodo is one of the actors who doesn't fail to acknowledge the love he has for his family on social media as he recent revealed how blessed he is to have a happy family.

I don’t go out with my children in public places because of my profession – Ramsey Nouah

CELEBRITY GIST: Handsome Nollywood Actor Ramsey Nouah who barely displays his family on social media has revealed his kids suffer a lot of backlash because of his profession as an actor.

I am officially taking my family away from social media – Uche Jombo Rodriguez

CELEBRITY GIST: Social Media has a way of affecting people's live positively and negatively. In that light, Nollywood Actress and Producer Uche Jombo Rodriguez has taken the bold step to keep her family away from social media.

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