Donald Trump

Trump gives Liberians one year to leave the U.S

Trump gives Liberians one year to leave the U.S US President Donald Trump decided Tuesday to end the protected status of thousands of Liberian migrants to the United States and gave them a year to leave the country. It’s the latest of similar moves, after more than 250,000 Salvadorans, Haitians and Nicaraguans lost their protected status under an administration which has made cracking down on immigration a priority. In 1991, when the West African country was in the grip of civil war, some Liberians living in the US were given “temporary protected status” to allow them to remain in safety. Then in 1999 approximately 10,000 of them were made eligible for “deferred enforced departure,” or DED, by then-president Bill Clinton, allowing them to continue to build new lives. Presidents George W. B...

Donald Trump fires US Sec. of States Rex Tillerson following his visit to Africa

Donald Trump fires Rex Tillerson following visit to Africa U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson who embarked on a trip to Africa few days ago has been fired and replaced with immediate effect. The former US Secretary of state has been replaced with CIA director Mike Pompeo. Tillerson was forced to cut short his Africa trip and return to Washington to answer queries about his future at the State Department where here was fired yesterday. Though the reason for his sack is yet to be unveiled, critics of Donald Trump said it is not unconnected to his love for Africa and her people. Another source said Tillerson lost his job for refusing to fix Donald Trump Shithole comment, one of the reasons he sent him to Africa. Do you think Rex’s removal is related to his inability to defend the POT...

Trump’s “Shithole” comment: Nigeria summons US Ambassador to Nigeria; South Africa demands explanation

The Nigerian Federal government has summoned the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington to explain the remarks made by Trump who isn't new to courting contriversies.

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