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I lied about all the expensive gifts my ex-husband bought for me – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh on lying about her Husband

Celebrity Gist: More secrets are still unfolding from Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh as she recently revealed that all the luxury gifts she flaunted on social media which she claimed her estranged husband bought for her were false. Some of her fans are starting to wonder if Tonto Dikeh married for wealth.

Tonto Dikeh's Bold Canary Yellow Ring

When Tonto Dikeh was flaunting her Bold Canary Yellow Ring from Hubby

On Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Gifting Her

While Mama King was still married to Olakunle Churchill, she was used to showing off expensive gifts on Instagram. They include a bold canary yellow Ring, a Toyota Prado SUV, a diamond studded chopard Necklace and Wristwatch, an iPhone 7 rose gold, and a Lexus Lx570 SUV.

Tonto Dikeh's Toyota Prado SUV from her Husband

Tonto Dikeh’s Toyota Prado SUV from her Millionaire Husband

Tonto Dikeh Marriage Crisis

The mother of one who recently disclosed how she tolerated marital abuse and STDs from her ex-husband revealed this after a fan shaded her for disgracing her ex-hubby despite enjoying all his wealth.

Tonto Dikeh's iPhone 7 rose gold

Tonto Dikeh’s iPhone 7 rose gold

Here’s what the fan by the username @jennycoco149 wrote:

“How many STDs? You did not get them before getting married to him? Since you got all expensive gifts from Mr X and did not care about the STDs, then why care now? Marriage is not a do or die. Women/ladies want to get married by force because of what people will say. Pls madam X, since you have decided to move out, it will be good to keep everything secret as the relationship or marriage was also secret till the last moment. Continue making yourself yourself happy but don’t forget that a broken home is not good for any child.”

Tonto Dikeh's Lexus 570 SUV 2017

Tonto Dikeh’s Lexus 570 SUV 2017, also from her Husband

This was Tontolet’s reply:

“Hello madam, because i posted all stuffs saying my ex-husband bought for me does not make it true. I used my platform to lie, to make him the man he is today.
So don’t come at me with bullshit of enjoying this man’s money.
I have not started talking, i will bear it all but there is time for everything.
I care now for STDs because i’m no longer naive. I’m a mother who wants to live for her child.
I am not a saint and cheating isn’t the only reason i took the forever walk.” – @tontolet on Instagram

Diamond Necklace and Wristwatch from Tonto's husband

Tonto Dikeh’s Husband bought her a Diamond Necklace and Wristwatch

After this surprise revelation, most of her fans blasted her for disclosing secret things about her estranged husband to the public.

Don’t you think Tonto Dikeh is going too far exposing all these things about her ex-husband?

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